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How to Buy Good Quality Sod

You should think about replacing your lawn if it is getting work out, dying, or patchy. Some homeowners prefer reseeding when they are faced with such a situation, but most of them opt to lay new sod. Reseeding is not as effective when replacing a lawn as compared to installing new sod since the sod is established when it is in its best health. You do not have to worry about weeds since sod is sown firmly making it hard for plants to penetrate. Unless you find the best sod installation company and high-quality grass, you may not get a quality lawn since it takes quite an effort to establish and it costs more than reseeding. To get value for your money when investing in turf, you should consider several factors. This website provides you with all you need to know about sod and how you can choose the right one for your lawn.

Choose sod based on the climate in your area because it might be negatively affected in the harsh conditions. Cool grasses tend to do better in wintry areas. Warm season grasses can thrive in cold winters and warm or hot summers with rain. In arid periods, the grass goes into a dormant state, and it is, therefore, less likely to go dry. For individuals in hot, humid climates, it is advisable to pick warm-season grasses. Leaves may turn brown during mild winter months forcing you to reseed some parts of the yard. If you are not sure about the climatic conditions in your area, you should seek assistance.

Know all the details about your lawn. Although any grass is going to thrive in areas with rich topsoil, arid and semi-arid areas of limited options when it comes to purchasing new sod. It is vital that you check the soil pH either by yourself or by hiring a professional. Always look for a variety of grass that grows in the same condition when it is time to buy. You should also keep track of the typical daily sunlight in your yard.

Always look for a high-quality supplier. You may not be able to realize a lush lawn even if you get the right type of grass provided that it is not healthy. Unless you get a healthy batch of sod, it is less likely going to grow well in your loan even if the conditions are right for that particular type. Ensure that you buy from a knowledgeable seller so that they can provide you with additional information on how to take care of it.

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