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Tips for Garden Hose Shopping

People usually think a garden hose is just a garden hose, a conduit that allows them to bring water from a faucet to their garden or any area of their home. What they may not be aware of is that not all garden hoses are created equal. Realty is, several of those ordinary garden hoses pose considerable risks, such as lead contamination (because of the material used to make them).

Should you take chances with those hoses? Obviously not! When shopping for a garden hose, keep the following in mind:


First and foremost, the material of which your garden hose is made has to be safe. A common example is polyurethane, which is also one of the most durable. Anyhow, make sure the hose has been tested and proven safe for humans, even for drinking. Which means the material or materials should stay intact with time and have no way of leaking into the water. In the same manner, they also shouldn’t absorb anything from the environment.

Multiple Use

When a hose is recyclable, it is good for the environment. Garden hoses like this aren’t all that many, but looking for one is surely worth the work.

See-Through Property

Because the hose is clear, you will be able to see any debris that might keep the water from flowing freely. Then you can allow the water to run for a few seconds to get rid of the obstruction, as well as to clean the hose.

Zero Kink

We all hate kinky hoses, so this is one thing you shouldn’t forget to consider when buying a garden hose. Fortunately, a lot of the modern garden hoses we have today are kink-proof, but you still need to check anyway.

Heated Garden Hoses

Heated garden hoses, also referred to as no-freeze garden hoses or insulated garden hoses, come with several notable benefits. One, since they are transparent, sunlight is able to get through it and provide sanitizing effects on the hose’s interior. Moreover, these hoses make use of pressure from the water source in order to drain itself fully. As soon as you turn off the tap, all water will be pushed out so that the interior stays dry when not in use. In addition, these hoses can flatten completely, further reducing the chances of debris getting stuck inside. Lastly, if you’ve always thought about keeping your garden hose from freezing, an insulated hose is clearly the solution. Nylon fittings are responsible for the insulation effects of this type of hose. And considering that these nylon fittings are crush-proof too, you can drive your car over an insulated hose and it will stay intact.

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